A clear connection to the world of spirit.

A clear connection to the world of spirit.


Why are you on this earth? How does the universe work? What do people mean when discussing the spirit world or what being spiritual is? What is enlightenment? How can you feel more contentment in this life?

Exploring my teachings under Begin Your Journey can answer these questions and more.  Being human can be challenging. Our thoughts, emotions, and reactions are difficult to navigate. Societal pressures and outside influences can often result in feelings that are incongruent with true contentment.

Personal Development explores several topics ranging from how the spirit world works to how you can see your life from a more contented perspective. Services include a personalized soul reading, answering a question you may have about something specific in your life, or working one-on-one with me via Zoom.

My readings and guidance are for you. They are for anyone who seeks inner peace. They are for those who want to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

About Trisha Lea

Intuitive Life Coach | Soul Reader | Healer | Channeler | Medium

These are all words that have described my work. I have a direct connection to another dimension in space and time, which is often referred to as the spirit world. Spirit has taught me so much about what it means to live a contented life and I feel privileged to be able to share my knowledge and to work towards helping you achieve peace within.


Seek direction, clarification and guidance.

Seek Guidance

Ask a question to gain clarity

Soul Readings

Gain invaluable guidance

Client Testimonials

“Trisha has helped me deal with situations that were heavy on my heart. Her readings helped answer some lingering questions and gave me much needed direction on how to deal with those situations. Her readings have helped me develop clarity around relationships and situations that have proved invaluable moving forward. I would HIGHLY recommend Trisha if you are seeking direction, clarification, or guidance. She is so kind and amazingly accurate. There is no doubt that her connection is divinely created! I trust her implicitly!”

“Working with Trisha has been life-changing, both for me personally and for the dozens of clients I’ve referred to her over the years. She has a consistently clear connection to the world of spirit, and the profound and compassionate guidance that she brings through makes it easier to navigate our lives on earth.

Trisha has exceptional mediumship abilities, as she facilitates direct communication with loved ones and others who have passed away. These conversations can be instrumental in resolving clients’ pasts and showing proof of their existence.

Readings with Trisha are deeply comforting, inspiring, and enlightening. My experience, and that of my clients, is that we leave her readings with a greater sense of peace and a clearer vision of how to move forward. And that’s an invaluable gift.”

“Trisha has done several readings for me and each time I am amazed at the depth and relevance of the information. I have had readings from other professionals and her readings are by far the best. She is so compassionate and engaging. Her readings have touched me deeply and profoundly. Her ability to connect with Spirit and bring out pertinent, helpful information is such a gift!”

“My experience receiving a soul reading from Trisha was like nothing I have ever done before, and I’ve had my fair share of psychic readings.  The information she conveyed from the spirit world touched me so close to the bone, so close to my way of being in the world that it was something I took for granted. She met that moment with a calm, heartfelt presence that allowed me to settle in to receive and explore.  The whole time together was filled with similar revelations, as if my own soul was talking to me.  The information from that day has stuck with me, and continues to give me insights as my own evolution continues

“Since my session with you, we all have been trying to digest this absolutely incredible warning that you shared with me from my son through you. As a result of this warning, a much more serious situation was averted. It has been mind boggling and so amazingly wonderful to know that our son is truly watching over us. Wow! I can’t thank you enough! You truly have an amazing gift! ”

“My session with Trisha was beyond powerful. As she guided me through the reading I felt a continuous relevance towards my life, which helped me understand the parts of me that needed healing. Because of this, it allowed me to release much of the hurt that I had been carrying around for many years. Powerful beyond measure, and I can’t wait for my next session!”

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