About Trisha Lea

Intuitive Life Coach | Soul Reader | Healer | Channeler | Medium

These are all words that have described my work. I have a direct connection to another dimension in space and time, which is often referred to as the spirit world. Spirit has taught me so much about what it means to live a contented life, and I feel privileged to share my knowledge and work towards helping you achieve peace within.

Growing Up as an Intuitive

While growing up, I experienced several unexplainable events. I knew things when others didn’t. I saw strangers in my mind’s eye. I was woken up many times with my name being called. This had been frightening, to say the least, and I tried to cope by pushing those experiences away. I went to college, studied business, began my career, and married. All the while, I was often bombarded with images and feelings from the world beyond. By the time I was in my twenties, it had become too much to bear—anxiety set in.

The Struggle and then Understanding

As I struggled to make sense of my life, the anxiety worsened into full-blown panic attacks. It was debilitating.  I read everything I could about anxiety and taught myself how to meditate. With meditation, I was able to calm my mind and body. In retrospect, I understand that, for me, the veil between our world and the spirit world had always been thin.

Little did I know that many years later, I would use this same tool to calm my anxiety because of a case of tinnitus. I had to learn to cope with this unwanted intrusion into my life. During one of these meditations, something strange happened. I was taken to a place outside of my consciousness. I was shown a world that moved me to the point of tears. There was a light emanating from an unexplainable energy. I could see what I understood to be souls surrounded by light. I felt love and contentment. There was no judgment, only acceptance. It was beautiful and calming, and it instantly changed my belief about life.

At that moment, I understood that there is an energy that runs through each of us. There is a connection between all living things and between us and the unseen world.

The Turning Point

From that point forward, I could see and hear what the spirit guides wanted to convey. I don’t mean I could “see” or “hear” in the conventional sense. I mean, I could understand their energy and the messages they wanted me to know. That included messages from people who had passed away. I began to write down what I heard.

I am a very practical and private person, and spirituality was never my thing, but what I found was more peace by listening to what spirit had to say. The more they channeled, the less anxious I felt. So, I set out to learn more. I wanted to understand what was happening. I meditated more. I took classes and workshops, practiced readings with friends and family, became a certified Reiki Healer and Psychic Medium, and began working with clients. I found my life’s purpose.

My Life’s Work

It has been nine years since that fateful day when my ears began to ring. I have countless notebooks filled with channels about how to navigate our human life. I wrote and published an award-winning book (available for purchase here). I want others to understand that by honoring and expressing their true self, they, too, will find their path to inner peace.

My soul and mediumship readings bring comfort and healing to those who seek. They can help you understand your thoughts and how you choose to express your truth. Helping others has become my life’s work.

You are meant to be here.

There is a reason for your existence. You can learn to have complete control over how you react, how you think, and what you want for yourself.
Letting the unseen world of spirit be your guide can only help with these choices.

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