Words of Life

Messages for a Path to Inner Peace

Words of Life: Messages for a Path to Inner Peace

Throughout our lives, we attach specific meanings to words. Those individual and cultural meanings can sometimes limit our spiritual and emotional growth—holding us back from understanding our true selves. Words of Life offers a new perspective and a way to redefine how you think and feel about your life and your connection to the world and others.

This book will take you on a journey of self-discovery. Its principles are simple and effective ways to remind you of who you are and what it means to be yourself.

Embrace new perspectives that will help you to:

  • Create more peace and contentment in your life
  • Fully trust yourself and your decisions
  • Change old thought patterns
  • Understand and accept yourself and others
  • See the possibilities that exist for you


Silver Medal in the “2018 Living Now Book Awards” and Finalist in the “Red City Book Awards”

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