There seem to be so many problems all around the world. People are having trouble getting along. Why does this happen?

This is all a manifestation of years of discontent. Not all have been heard, including the people who do not align with your beliefs. When someone is not heard or honored for who they are, they look to others to show them the way. This is how a leader with strong convictions can take over their thinking.

How do you tell the difference between intuition and a thought from the mind?

Let’s start by talking about the mind. It can process much of the stimulus that comes at you on any given day. It takes in the information, makes sense of it, and comes to a conclusion about what has occurred and how to react to it. This is what the mind is designed to do.

I know someone who constantly complains and never seeks a solution. She has been part of my friend group for many years, and no one wants to let her go. How do you deal with someone who is so clearly a negative drain?  

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