Dear Universe…

Dealing with Chronic Complainers

I know someone who constantly complains and never seeks a solution. She has been part of my friend group for many years, and no one wants to let her go. How do you deal with someone who is so clearly a negative drain?  

What you are experiencing is from your point of view.  You are having thoughts about this person.  The thoughts are born out of a need to understand. Consider this… You do not need to understand.  You only need to see it for what it is—a manifestation of their thoughts.  It’s the way they have chosen to live their lives.  It is not for you to judge. It is only for you to decide what you will allow.  You can choose not to be there for or with this person. You can choose to let their words go. The circumstance is entirely in your control.

Allowing the space away will help you see that not everyone needs to be a prominent part of your life.  Not all people match the energy that exists within you. There is nothing wrong with that. See it as just another person trying to get through this life in their own way, just as you are doing.

This is when it’s important to remember that what you choose for yourself does not have to be approved by anyone. It is your choice.  It is your life to live just as you would like.

We hope it will be a choice that involves listening to your inner self.  Remembering this will help you understand that you are a spiritual being having an experience—nothing more.

Make good use of this time.  Do not allow others to influence who you want to be. Ultimately, this is what is good for all.

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