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Intuition vs a Thought From the Mind

How do you tell the difference between intuition and a thought from the mind?

Let’s start by talking about the mind. It can process much of the stimulus that comes at you on any given day. It takes in the information, makes sense of it, and comes to a conclusion about what has occurred and how to react to it. This is what the mind is designed to do.

Now, let’s look at what is left: A physical body, a mind encased in a physical body, and a consciousness within that mind. So, it would follow that to get beyond the consciousness of the human mind, one must listen elsewhere. One must hear and react to an energy housed within. We call this our connection to you. You call this intuition.

How can you tell the difference? The difference lies in how you listen. With intuition, there is no hesitation, no thinking, only a knowing. The knowing comes from someplace deep within you, which is not where you find the other physical senses.

Here’s a simple way to differentiate between the two: if you’re aware of your thinking, it’s just that-thinking. But if you’re aware of a need to act without conscious thought, that’s your intuition. All the answers you seek are within the energy of your soul. There’s no need for thought or analysis.

Another way to explain it is when you experience a knowing with no logical reason for having this knowledge. Without words, thoughts, or interpretation, everyone hears or understands some things they know do not come from their minds. This intuition is where all the answers lie.

When intuition is used to move through life, it is easy to be at peace without worrying about what will happen. So, intuition is a much more reliable problem solver.

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