Let’s Talk Series

During my many meditations and communications with the spirit world, they often began with “Let’s talk about…” The concepts were simple yet thought-provoking. They made me think about my place in the world in a way I had never thought about before. These teachings completely shifted the way I felt about my life. The more I learned, the more content I became. After months of listening and writing, the “Let’s Talk Series” was born.

Why sign up? Because these words will offer you a different perspective and a way to redefine how you think and feel about your life and your connection to the world and others. They are uplifting and thought-provoking.

What is included? Each Sunday for a year, you will receive a new enlightening chat delivered directly to your email. It will include a different concept to ponder with questions to get you thinking about how it relates to your own life.

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Let’s get started with the first message in the Let’s Talk Series:

Let’s talk about well-being.

This is a term often described as a feeling. The feelings of happiness, contentment, and joy are often associated with this word. Let’s look at this a little differently. Let’s take these words and reverse them. Being well. This could imply your physical health, right?

I am trying to convey that all words have a different meaning to everyone. All words and feelings can describe something different for each person. As a human, you are subjected to not only societal expectations but also societal words, which in turn become expectations.

What if you looked at the word well-being to describe your soul, spirit, and essence of being? Your BEING is well. Your SPIRIT is well. Your SOUL is well. Do you see? No matter what is happening around you, your soul or essence of being is always well.

Your soul, spirit, or essence of being is what you were born with. No human or outside influence can change this fact. You are a well BEING. You are exactly who you should be. You have something to offer the world.

When you believe that there is nothing wrong with your being, you can move forward with confidence, contentment, and love. You are a human being who is well. Do you understand?

When this is your belief, you are fully able to make choices for yourself that advance this thought. No one can hurt you, judge you, or have an expectation that may cause you to question yourself. You are one with your spirit. From the spirit world’s point of view, this is the most contented way to feel.

Look at your inner being as WELL. See it as your guiding force, and all the rest will not penetrate. This is what it means to have well-being.

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