Let’s Talk Series

These teachings completely shifted the way I thought about my life. The more I learned, the more content I became.

These words will offer you a different perspective and a way to redefine how you think and feel about your life, and your connection to the world and others. They are uplifting and thought-provoking.

Each Sunday for a year, you will receive a new enlightening chat delivered directly to your email. It will include a different concept to ponder with questions to get you thinking about how it relates to your own life.


Video courses coming soon!

This coursework will include:

The Spirit World – How does it exist? What is it? Why are we here? And much more.

The Mind – Your mind is the driver of all. Why do you have the thoughts you do?

You in the World – How can you live more contentedly?

Client Testimonials

“Trisha has done several readings for me and each time I am amazed at the depth and relevance of the information. I have had readings from other professionals and her readings are by far the best. She is so compassionate and engaging. Her readings have touched me deeply and profoundly. Her ability to connect with Spirit and bring out pertinent, helpful information is such a gift!”

“Since my session with you, we all have been trying to digest this absolutely incredible warning that you shared with me from my son through you. As a result of this warning, a much more serious situation was averted. It has been mind boggling and so amazingly wonderful to know that our son is truly watching over us. Wow! I can’t thank you enough! You truly have an amazing gift! ”

“My session with Trisha was beyond powerful. As she guided me through the reading I felt a continuous relevance towards my life, which helped me understand the parts of me that needed healing. Because of this, it allowed me to release much of the hurt that I had been carrying around for many years. Powerful beyond measure, and I can’t wait for my next session!”


When receiving guidance, you understand and agree that all readings are provided for spiritual guidance purposes only. No guarantees of any kind are implied. The recipient always has free will to choose whether or not they will follow the guidance received. The recipient is, therefore, completely responsible for any actions or decisions they take following their reading.

The messages and readings should not be construed as any form of medical diagnosis, therapy, or treatment. A reading or message does not substitute for medical, legal, or financial advice from any suitable professional. Please consult an appropriate licensed professional if needed.

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