Dear Universe…

Seeking Peace in a Turbulent World

There seem to be so many problems all around the world. People are having trouble getting along. Why does this happen?

This is all a manifestation of years of discontent. Not all have been heard, including the people who do not align with your beliefs. When someone is not heard or honored for who they are, they look to others to show them the way. This is how a leader with strong convictions can take over their thinking.

Everyone wants to be heard and acknowledged. Feelings of unrest always come from the insecure soul. In turn, a powerful force behind a leader is also based on this thinking. This is how it all takes root. The need to be seen and heard becomes more important than being kind and compassionate to all, regardless of their station.

It’s important to understand that no one is living a life determined to hurt others. All discontent comes from the mind. The mind tells them that they must be seen in a certain light so that acknowledgment finally comes.

Enlightenment does not require this acknowledgment; it only requires love, compassion, and a feeling of connection. It also requires an awareness of how your thoughts and actions affect yourself and others. The need to be noticed diminishes as enlightenment comes in. Do you understand?

The closer to enlightenment a person moves, the less one feels they must prove, be noticed, or acquire. The more a person moves towards enlightenment, the more they are at peace with all that has been experienced during one’s lifetime.

So, you see, that is what we all should strive for. That is what heals all. Let this be your guiding force for the benefit will surely help all.

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