Soul Reading

Insight into your life’s purpose

A combination of channeling and intuitive work to help create a healing experience that gives you meaningful insight into your life and existence. Your spirit guides know everything about you and want the best for you. This is how they communicate their guidance. Many people describe it as putting into words what they have never been able connect with but know it to be the truth. 

A soul reading resonates on such a deep level and can help you to understand much more about your life’s purpose. I will provide a typed two-page personalized reading along with a recording that will bring clarity about what holds you back from true contentment.

  • Gain invaluable guidance to understand better how to move in a positive direction. 
  • Gives you the tools to navigate making good choices and incentive to steer your life in an optimal direction.
  • Can provide insight into your life’s purpose.

You are meant to be here.

There is a reason for your existence. You can learn to have complete control over how you react,
how you think, and what you want for yourself. Letting the unseen world of spirit be your guide can only help with these choices.

Soul Reading Testimonials

“Trisha has helped me deal with situations that were heavy on my heart. Her readings helped answer some lingering questions and gave me much needed direction on how to deal with those situations. Her readings have helped me develop clarity around relationships and situations that have proved invaluable moving forward. I would HIGHLY recommend Trisha if you are seeking direction, clarification, or guidance. She is so kind and amazingly accurate. There is no doubt that her connection is divinely created! I trust her implicitly!”

“My experience receiving a soul reading from Trisha was like nothing I have ever done before, and I’ve had my fair share of psychic readings.  The information she conveyed from the spirit world touched me so close to the bone, so close to my way of being in the world that it was something I took for granted. She met that moment with a calm, heartfelt presence that allowed me to settle in to receive and explore.  The whole time together was filled with similar revelations, as if my own soul was talking to me.  The information from that day has stuck with me, and continues to give me insights as my own evolution continues.”

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